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Off Street Parking

DESIGNA SABAR, currently the only Australian subsidiary of an equipment supplier. We provide a quality car parking systems that will see you well into the future. We supply, install, maintain, support, monitor and manage systems. DESIGNA SABAR can also supply you with products to compliment an off-street car park…

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ABACUS | ABACUS Blue Edition | SlimPark | Licence Plate Recognition


On Street Parking

DESIGNA SABAR has expanded its portfolio by partnering with two new established suppliers on on-street parking solutions. Our staff have received extensive training in their quality products and are able to install, support and maintain all aspects of them…

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Hectronic | Frogparking


eCommerce Solutions

DESIGNA SABAR provides quality eCommerce solutions through DESIGNA iLogs’s. Their Pre-booking and eCommerce Platform is a state-of-the-art solution for parking operators…

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Parking Enhancements

DESIGNA SABAR can provide all the value-add facilities currently demanded by your customers. From energy efficient lighting, parking guidance systems, CCTV cameras and emergency assistance buttons…

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